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Rock Phosphate P2O5

Rock phosphate used in agriculture fertilizers and industrials uses, we export rock phosphate (different grades) from different mines in Egypt to worldwide markets with open quantity ..

We export rock phosphate in bulk and/or in bulk inside containers and bagged .

Weferts, has her own chartering desk has wide experience and history reference to charter several types of vessels which fulfill bends particulars.

Chartering desk give us big chance to fulfill our clients’ needs to receive our rock phosphate basis on CIF or CFR conditions.

Rock Phosphate P2O5 grades:
- Low grades Rock Phosphate P2O5 (18:22)%.
- Rock Phosphate P2O5 26%
- Rock Phosphate P2O5 27%
- Rock Phosphate P2O5 28%
- Rock Phosphate P2O5 29%
- Rock Phosphate P2O5 30%

We export DAP ( DI-AMMONIUM PHOSPHATE ) in bulk or bagged with clients lables to different countries and international worldwide importer as we have wide clients net with long mutual trading reference terms.